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October 22, 2014 | |
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Coalition Members

Members & Advisors.
Some of the largest and most influential organizations in Virginia are signing on. See who's on board and who's helping out.


AARP Virginia

Future of Hampton Raods

Greater Norfolk Corporation

Greater Richmond Chamber of Commerce

League of Women Voters of Virginia

Richmond First Club


Virginia Business Council

Virginia Chamber of Commerce

Virginia Interfaith Center for Public Policy

Virginia League of Conservation Voters

Virginia Organizing Project


Judy Ford Wason
Jeffrey M. Britt
Susan H. Fitz-Hugh
Ernie Gates
Amy Gilbody
Lisa Guthrie
Steven Jones
Harry T. Lester
Vivian Paige
E. Bryson Powell
Mark Raper
Clayton Roberts
Felix Sarfo-Kantanka
Rev. C. Douglas Smith
Anne Sterling
John T. Stone
Helen C. Tansey
James E. Ukrop

Leaders, Investors & Supporters

Governor Mark R. Warner
Governor Linwood A. Holton
Senator George Allen
Lieutenant Governor Bill Bolling
Lt. Gov. Donald S. Beyer Jr.
Congressman Thomas Bliley
Congressman William Whitehurst
Hon. Whittington W. Clement
Hon. James W. Dyke Jr.
Hon. Viola Baskerville
Hon. David M. Foster
Senator Ray Garland
Senator Elmon T. Gray
Senator Charles Hawkins
Senator Martin Williams
Delegate L. Ray Ashworth
Delegate Glenn R. Croshaw
Delegate Jim Dillard
Delegate Wyatt Durrette Jr.
Delegate Anne G. Rhodes
Mayor Vincent J. Thomas
Admiral Raynor A.K. Taylor (Ret.)
Admiral Byron E. Tobin (Ret.)

Beverley W. “Booty” Armstrong
Frank Armstrong
James F. Babcock
John Backus
Daniel R. Bannister
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Beck
Edward H. Bersoff
Barry C. Bishop
William C. Boinest
Robert E. Buchanan
George Cartledge
Theodore L. Chandler
Katherine K. Clark
Stuart W. Connock
A. George Cook
B. Minette Cooper
James E. Covington, Jr.
Clifford A. Cutchins, IV
Michael A. Daniels
Benjamin Davenport, Jr.
Joshua P. Darden
Norwood Davis, Jr.
John Debell
Sidney O. Dewberry
Joseph C. Farrell
Gary W. Fenchuk
Charles H. Foster, Jr.
Wilson Flohr
Heywood Fralin
Frank Genovese
William H. Goodwin Jr.
Bruce C. Gottwald
Floyd Gottwald
David M. Guernsey
John S. Hadfield
Gerald T. Halpin
Henry Harrell
Stanley E. Harrison
John T. Hazel
James W. Hazel
Paul O. Hirschbiel
Clyde R. Hoey II
Michael Jarvis
Tim Kerr
Jon C. King
William W. King
James F. Lafond
John R. Lawson
John C. Lee IV
Gary LeClair
Harvey Lindsay
Christopher M. Little
Henry A. Long
Charles S. Luck III
Susan Magill
Steven Markel
Stan Maupin
Charles H. Majors
Ivor Massey Jr.
Leigh B. Middleditch, Jr
John Molster
Lloyd Noland, III
Robert Oakes
Milton V. Peterson
Thomas Pruitt
W. Russell Ramsey
Gordon Rainey
W. Taylor Reveley IV
Walter Robertson
Jim Rogers
Bill Royall, Jr.
Leo J. Schefer
S. Buford Scott
Richard Sharp
Sudhaker Shenoy
John Sherman
J. Knox Singleton
Robert C. Sledd
Tom Snead
Todd Stottlemyer
William G. Thomas, Esq.
Matthew Thompson
John Toups
Robert S. Ukrop
Marilyn H. West
James C. Wheat
Earl C. Williams
John O. “Dubby” Wynne


Report on Redistricting Poll

 Former U. S. Defense Secretary Robert Gates speaking at the Richmond Forum, January 15, 2012:

“We have lost the ability to execute even the most basic functions of government,” much less solve the difficult problems necessary for the nation to regain its confidence and credibility on the world stage, Gates said.

Gates drew applause at the Richmond Forum when he blamed deep partisanship for “the ongoing dysfunction of our political system.”

Gates called for an overhaul of the districting system to end the highly partisan redistricting that has resulted in lopsided victories and safe districts where lawmakers do not have to appeal to independent or centrist voters.

Through the Cold War and nine administrations representing both political parties, Gates said, the nation’s policies remained constant through bipartisanship and the sort of compromise that has been lost today.

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